Our mission is to provide real estate investors with the services they have long gone without.


Threshold Investment Inc was founded to provide real estate services for investors, by investors. For far too long, investors were nothing more than an afterthought to the real estate services industry. Threshold Investments Inc was founded to put an end to that neglect. With investment properties as our cornerstone; we work tirelessly to provide a depth of service non-investment firms do not offer at a quality other investment firms simply can not compete with.





No more being met with a blank stare and scratch of the head when discussing the different facets and metrics of REI with most real estate agents that cross your path. Your needs as an investor vary drastically from the needs of a typical consumer; so why shouldn't the services you are offered? Our process is tailored to address your unique needs and set you up for success.



Our service is customized to fit your particular wants and needs as both an investor and individual. Whether an experienced professional with hundreds of units in your portfolio or a brand new investor looking to acquire your first rental, our team is well equipped to provide the exact services you need.



We know you’ve worked hard for what you have and pride ourselves on our commitment to your continued success. Available around the clock, our team works tirelessly to meet the wants and needs of our clients. This unrelenting work ethic is what keeps our clients ahead of the competition’s.



We are your one stop shop for all things REI. In addition to offering the full spectrum of services - from acquisition to exit and everything in between - we work hand in hand with other well established, trusted professionals in the Real Estate industry; which means no more wasting time piecing together your investment team.