Join us at the next Case Study!

Come see how others are making REI work for them in San Diego’s challenging real estate market at our August Case Study.  This month we will be coming together to network and discuss the inner-workings of an awesome 3-unit BRRRR deal in North Park, acquired via 1031 exchange.




WHERE=  3-Unit BRRRR in North Park | 1031 Exchange | 3826-3830 Swift Avenue

WHEN=  8/26/17 | 9-11 AM

This month’s co-host, Threshold Investments Inc, will be walking us through the ins and outs of this complex exchange. This sneak peak will shed light on how to maximize returns and mitigate roadblocks while investing in San Diego multi-unit properties. Making certain that no question is left unanswered; some of the key topics we will cover are:

  1. Evaluating Your Portfolio For Potential Exchange Opportunities

  2. Analyzing San Diego Rental Property

  3. Planning and Executing a BRRRR Strategy

  4. Using 2-4 Unit Properties to Quickly Grow Your Portfolio

As always, we will open things up for a ton of valuable networking with other local investors after discussing the deal.

If you have attended an event in the past, you will know that we have a strict “no pitch” policy that we firmly uphold (That means you, “guru!”)

Other than that, all we ask is that you try your best to show up on time and with a bunch of business cards! (and maybe a friend/colleague or two)

Hope to see you there!